Storm Damage Claims

Don’t let the door knocking consultants take control of your insurance, let Big Lick Roofing assist with your roofing storm damage the right way! Big Lick Roofing is experienced in handling roofing storm damage and will work one-on-one with you and your adjuster to make sure you and your roof gets taken care of appropriately. When it comes to insurance roof claims, you get to choose who you want to handle your repairs or replacement, don’t be strong-armed! If you feel like your roof has storm damage, don’t wait, call Big Lick Roofing today to schedule your FREE roof inspection.

Did you know if your roof gets hit by hail or heavy winds that you may be eligible for a new roof replacement covered by your homeowners insurance? Yes, you heard that right! A simple call to your insurance company notifying them of the storm damage will start the process. 

Signs Of Roof Damage

Big Lick Roofing installs all new roofs to manufacturer specifications. Most roof replacements take less than 1 day depending on the size and type of roof our crew is working with. Check out the process below! 

Missing/Blown Off Shingles
Visible Hail Indentions 
Exposed Nails 
Curled or Lifted Shingles 
Unseated Shingle Seals 

The Storm Restoration Process

1. Big Lick Roofing does an initial inspection to assess the roofing damage & any other damage.
2. If there is damage, then we will encourage you to file a claim with your insurance company. 
3. An insurance adjuster and a Big Lick Roofing representative will meet at your property again and do an assessment together. 
4. Once the claim is approved, your Big Lick Roofing representative will consult with you to go over the claim and lay out a plan to repair the damage or replace the roof.
5. An agreement is signed and Big Lick Roofing schedules your job. 
6. Big Lick Roofing completes all repairs or the roof replacement and submits a certificate of completion to your insurance company.
7. Once the insurance company verifies that that work is completed, payment will be issued. 
8. You have peace of mind that your roofing storm damage is taken care of!

Important tip: Make sure the roofing contractor is there to meet your adjuster to help make sure all damage is identified.